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Terms & Conditions

Trailer Pay is a re-seller, Trailer Pay offers Trailers and other products from time to time through our network of wholesalers, dealers and internal businesses which involves purchasing direct and offering this to you at our own recommended retail pricing. You acknowledge that Trailer Pay are not required or obliged to match any prices for any products, including matching any prices for a product that is available through any of our wholesalers, dealers, internal businesses or vice versa.

You agree to pay, any fees and charges in relation to this order from the continuous finance and credit provider as set out in their terms and conditions.

When purchasing a trailer or product, you agree to discuss all modifications or changes direct with trailer pay, any changes not discussed will not be covered by trailer pay. We will discuss all inclusions with you upon ordering, anything not confirmed by us, unless discussed will be excluded, and no claim can be made for these after acceptance of agreement, this includes registration and/or any costs involved with registering.

You agree that all information you have provided to Trailer Pay is true and correct and understand it is fraudulent to provide untrue and incorrect information as this was used to obtain your approval.

Upon the deposit being paid, Minimum $200, this is you the purchaser, accepting all terms and conditions with trailer pay and your agreement with the continuous finance and credit provider. The deposit is not refundable once paid. We order your trailer or products once deposit is received along with your acceptance of agreement approval. By paying your deposit you understand and agree that you are buying the trailer or product that you have ordered and no change of mind will be accepted. The trailer or products must be collected in a reasonable time frame upon being ready, normally within 5 business days otherwise storage fees may be charged.

Upon collecting the trailer or products you agree that you have inspected the trailer or products, and all inclusions and finishes prior to taking possession. Once you take possession you are agreeing that you are happy with the condition in which you have received it and all inclusions as per your order. The warranty is covered by the manufacturer dealer in which you have collected the trailer or product from as per your invoice, any return is at your own cost and responsibility, This is your first point of contact.

Trailer Pay
Any order and its acceptance shall be deemed to constitute the entire agreement between the parties and to the extent permitted by law, all terms, conditions, and warranties expressed or implied are expressly excluded. Trailer Pay purchases goods from our dealers/manufacturers adding our own features and benefits to sell the goods to you direct with our own pricing. Trailer Pay can obtain approvals for customers that are self employed, full time and part time that are working a minimum of 25 hours per week. We are also able to get approval for people on the following government payments: Aged disability, Carers & Veterans Pension. All this information provided to us is for approval purposes to provide to our finance and credit providers

Customer acknowledges
This is a contract and an agreement to order your purchase and you understand the subtotal minus the deposit will leave the remaining ‘total Price’. This includes GST payable in full and the outlined purchase remains in full the ownership of Trailer Pay until paid in full.

Deposits & payments
Orders are placed once a deposit has been paid and this purchase agreement is signed. No change of mind will be accepted once paid, No refund of deposit as the purchase is being made in full as per this purchase agreement, If acceptance of cancellation at our discretion, Trailer Pay will deem any administration and other fees where applicable.

Debt collection costs
Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by Trailer Pay in recovering outstanding monies owed by the customers under this agreement, including debt collection agency fees and solicitors costs, shall be paid by the customer to Trailer Pay when demanded on an indemnity basis. Interest is payable by the customer to Trailer Pay on any outstanding monies owed by the customer under this purchase agreement in accordance with the applicable rate of interest by the supreme court in the state In which the order is placed at the time of making the order, this includes costs for not collecting goods or cancelling off without acceptance

Delivery times
Standard waiting time can vary depending on the order; this may vary depending on demand and/or stock volumes on orders. The Trailer Pay and its manufacturers will do their utmost best to deliver within these time frames. No compensation for loss, damages or inconvenience on orders supplied outside of these estimated delivery times will be compensated for in any way by Trailer Pay under any circumstances. We reserve the right to supply orders in part or full depending on stock availability at the time of delivery. Parts and accessories may be supplied on ‘back Order’ at a later date/timeframe and will be distributed to the customer at the company’s earliest availability.

Return & Refund Policy
This policy applies to both trailers & parts. Returns need prior management authorization in writing by Trailer Pay; All trailers and parts are deemed second hand once taken from our premises. Second hand trailers and parts on return will incur a 35% restocking fee off the purchase price (excluding Registrations Paid) registrations will not be refunded under Any Circumstances . It is the owner’s responsibility at their own expense including any freight payable, to return the trailer to Trailer Pay branch/depot agent where purchased or where otherwise arranged/directed with Trailer Pay management approval in writing, with costs payable by the customer.

Terms, conditions, & warranty
If applicable: Trailer Pay recommends that your trailer be services at least twice a year. brakes and bearings require three monthly services. Checks should be done on all of your running gear including bearings, hubs, brakes, wheels and tyres, winches, gates and any moving parts on your trailer prior to each use. Wash your trailer down after each use and check that all nuts and bolts are tight regular maintenance will lengthen the life of the trailer and keep the trailer in safe operation. No responsibility will be taken for negligence on the owners part to check the above mentioned prior to each use. Each Manufacturer has is own warranty and we follow theirs policy, in instant they are on longer operating, we will take over the warranty as the seller. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their towing vehicle has the correct towing capacity to tow the trailer and products he/she is purchasing and it is the customer’s responsibility to also ensure registration and insurance is in place prior to towing. Warranties only extend to the original purchaser of the trailer. for commercial/business use 3 months and personal use 12 months is standard in line with manufacturers warranties if not listed. The warranty does not cover any person to whom the trailer has been transferred. All warranty claims are subject to the original owner’s proof of purchase. All warranties shall be automatically void if any modification is made on the trailer without prior written authorization from the manufacturer. Our warranties do not cover cosmetic appearance of any product or parts after it leaves our branch, including Where The Trailer Is collected by a freight company or an agent on your behalf. white rust natural oxidation of galvanized surfaces, including cosmetic rust on painted, powder coated or zinc coated surfaces, brake pads, brake cable, winch straps, bow, keel & wobble rollers, skids, gates, doors, rubber wheels , canvasses, soft furnishings, poles, annexes, flooring, galvanizing on any moving/removable components (including those bolted or supplied with the Trailer ) Such As springs, axles and any and All other moving parts . The manufacturer warranty does not cover for misuse, damage caused by alterations, modifications, fair wear and tear, accidents, and effects from overloading the stated mass load On the trailer certificate of compliance plate, incorrect trailer set up, off-road or commercial use. Galvanized flooring or parts can be warped due to being hot dipped at 450 degrees, this is not a defect but a part of the process of galvanizing. For details on components covered under the manufacturer warranty please visit their website. The manufacturer will never compensate for loss, damages which are not covered exclusively under our warranty, compensation will never be provided for time incurred, Inconvenience or transport costs incurred by Trailer Pay or the manufacturer customers. Canopy or trays, scratches, marks, are not covered by warranty including blemishes discoloration. The prices of trailers/goods and delivery other offers are only current at the time of offer, however, Trailer Pay reserves the right to change prices at any time and for any reason it deems necessary. Trailer Pay is a trailer/ goods retailer/re-seller, All prices shown are in Australian dollars (AUD). we will charge you, and you agree to pay, the following fees and charges in relation to an order that we accept (as applicable) when purchasing a trailer or goods, you agree to discuss all trailer modifications or changes direct with trailer pay, any changes no discussed will not be covered, by Trailer Pay, we discuss all the inclusions with you that is passed onto us, anything not confirmed by us, unless discussed will be excluded, and no claim can be made for these to be included, This includes registration and or any costs involved with registering, including change over fees if applicable All fees and charges identified in these terms and conditions and all prices for the product purchased are inclusive of GST (unless otherwise indicated) The purchase price is for the trailer you have requested at the time of your order. The purchase price of a may not be the same or correspond to the price in any of wholesalers stores for the same product at the same time. You acknowledge that we are not required or obliged to match any prices for any products, including matching any prices for a product that is available through any of our wholesalers or vice versa.

Upon the minimum deposit paid of $200, This is you the purchaser, accepting the terms and conditions to purchase the trailer/purchase as per your request, the deposit is not refundable regardless of deposit amount paid, we order your trailer/goods for you at the time of purchase / acceptance of agreement/contract with Trailer Pay and deposit being paid. This deposit payment is part of acceptance to purchase the trailer/goods in full and make any further payments or repayments for this trailer/goods to the provider listed on page one. The trailer/good must be collected in a reasonable time frame otherwise applicable storage fees may be charged, by paying your deposit you understand and agree that you are buying the trailer/goods that you have ordered and no change of mind will be accepted, Upon collecting trailer/goods you agree you are happy with the trailer/goods, and all inclusions and finished on the trailer or goods, the warranty is covered by the manufacturer in first instance from which you Collect The goods from, as per your invoice and we can help arrange any of this work as the retailer/manufacturer, all goods must be returned to place of purchase at your own cost to receive any repairs or warranty work completed, failing to return within a reasonable time frame will void any claim, all warranty is in line with the manufacturers

Collection of your Trailer/Goods
Once you have taken the trailer/goods from the manufacturer, you agree you are happy with the product/goods and the condition, including all extras are on the trailer/goods at the time you collected, it is your responsibility to check this prior to leaving and not notifying us at the time of collection of anything missing will void any claim made. Anything missing or warranty work must be performed from point of pickup at return is at your own cost.

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